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Afraid of the Dark?

Real Paranormal Findings

There is a world, unseen to man. Fear not the dark for He has shown us the light.
Rabbit hole intelligence is cleared and confirmed fact. Footage is real.




We are the middle. WE ARE THE WORKING CLASS. We are the people.

The battle rages brothers. The mediator, not always appointed. The people, not always right. The out come never secured. Begin the fight ,first, with in your own ghost! Prepare one self, for the cock doth crow. That we may not be found wanting and asleep but awake, alert and ready. For the dread judgment seed comes for all men. Align one self with the legacy of death. For it is our only chance at life. May our enemies know mercy, love, compassion and defeat. WE ARE NOT VIOLENT MEN. WE ARE FREE MEN! Soldiers of a Cross


Unsure of Marxism /Communism 

Show Me What True Communism IS

Understand your enemy. Begin the journey into the evil that is communism and Marxism. 


The information contained inside this file is secured and regulated.

The intel contained here in is not based on opinion but fact.

This is "rabbit hole" intelligence. 


We urge you, to follow, research and realize 


Crumb: this article mentions GWB and RR

Confirmed Intel: The George Soros Rabbit Hole:

Soros quoteGeorge Soros: Leaked Audio Intel
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