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The Silent Majority's WNN is a global news coalition for the people. Our views are universal to each man, woman and child. WNN seeks to shatter the idea of what is "main stream" news. WNN understands that most western news channels employ disinformation and fear to control the people.  The idea is to recreate an even playing field. One not dictated by fear or misinformation but rather intelligent truth and actionable advice.

WNN is dedicated to EXSPOSING the hidden history of this world. Conjunctionally helping those distressed by the (un)explainable. Perhaps your looking for Asylum in another country, fear for your own safety or have deep state secrets you wish to come clean about?

Are you plagued with a paranormal anomaly? Need help with an unsolved murder or missing person case? Have you witnessed a paranormal event, possession or UFO?

For those who have no choice but to believe in the unexplainable, we are here to lend a helping hand.

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