Doug Teague Sasquatch Encounter

In Hickory native Doug Teague has just taken what may be the clearest video of a North Carolina bigfoot ever seen in our state.

Teague spotted the creature while he was walking his dog ‘Crazy Daisy’ through a patch of woods just outside of the city of Hickory, NC. He was checking on some of his trail cameras when he heard some loud knocking sounds off in the distance.

When he walked closer to investigate, he spotted the creature on top of a ridge and began to record;

He said the creature could not have been a bear since it began throwing rocks at him when he approached.

Teague is a member of the Catawba Valley Bigfoot Research Club and the Facebook group ‘Bigfoot 911‘.

Doug claims he’s captured footage of three Bigfoot creatures watching him in the woods. Doug explained in a video on the Catawba Valley Bigfoot Research Facebook page that he was out in the woods last month trying to retrieve some game cameras when he heard a knocking sound.

First, he dismissed it as woodpeckers.

“A rock was thrown,” he told WCNC, the NBC station in Charlotte.

Teague said his dog, Crazy Daisy, chased the rock. When he looked to see who had thrown it, he spotted the three ape-like cryptids.

I was “like a giddy school kid,” said Teague. “Just nervous, heart beating. It was crazy.”

The footage wasn’t clear. But it showed something moving on the other side of a set of trees:

Teague said he has about 10 minutes of footage of the creatures in the forest. Teague looks for sasquatch regularly and uses the below items to lure him in.

They like “granola bars, apples, mushrooms, turnips, Moon Pies,” Teague said. “They like sweets.”

Teague said he’s spotted Bigfoot four times and has also made casts of footprints.

“They are there, people,” Teague said in his Facebook video. “They’re there and we need to respect them.”

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